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Our Story

WOW.AF opened in Port Alberni, British Columbia October of 2021 but has been a glimmer in the eye of owner Coral Rose since 2015 For years we have honed our craft creating Pole & Aerial classes that are accessible to Every-Body. Our Introductory & Foundational classes are created with the absolute beginner in mind. Although we teach group classes, everyone experiences their own unique journey. 


"The big beautiful world of Pole & Aerial fitness has captivated me

for longer than any other sport or activity because it is incredibly nuanced with issues that are close to my heart; feminism, athleticism, discipline, art, creativity, community, inclusion."

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Mission Statement

A sanctuary to be unapologetically AWESOME

Our vision

Show up and Shine Bright!

Whether recreational, competitive or performative we aim to be a safe and secure hub for you to excel in whatever capacity you are aiming. At our studio 
 you are free to be the best version of yourself. 

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Who we serve

We serve adults 18+

All genders welcome

Alberni Valley and surrounding area's 

We serve those who are open minded, and seeking to expand themselves physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Those who crave a physical outlet that is also creative and expressive. 

We are a landing place for those who have recently relocated to Port Alberni and are looking for community, friendship, and awesomeness!

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Beginners Welcome



We have designed our courses to target stabilizer muscle groups in the shoulders, wrists, hips, knees, and ankles, while also addressing common womens health issues including; pelvic floor, sciatic and spinal support, and strengthening shoulders, arms, core, back, legs and glutes. As you continue classes you will notice the strength gained throughout your daily life.



Our courses improve posture and muscle activation patterns. This gently encourages your body to become more aligned alleviating stress at the joints. Each class offers targeted stretching to unlock stiff area's giving us a greater range of motion for our day to day life.
As you continue your journey with us you will be able to see markable improvements.



We teach using repetition and sequencing. When we repeat a movement or movement pattern it helps us generate a greater proprioceptive awareness. Repetition helps us become In short, we become more aware of our body in the space surrounding us. This can help us avoid injuries in or out of the classroom, and improves our memory.



There is a certain, and euphoric feeling you get when you conquer a move you have been working on. We offer many opportunities for you to feel this sense of wonder and accomplishment throughout your journey. This sense of accomplishment gives us an opportunity to truly celebrate ourselves and cherish the gift of our bodies.

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