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Our Recipe for Success

We limit our class sizes to ensure that everyone has the best of care during their class.
Having smaller class sizes allows for more individual attention, and overall success for our students.
Using scientifically backed information about athletic performance, we have created a class structure recipe.
This Recipe allows us to prepare mentally, physically and emotionally for the demands of our class content.
Our proven warm up and conditioning techniques get the body into a state of enhanced plasticity.
Our conditioning exercises allow us to become familiar with movements unique to the class content enhancing the chances of success. Adding a "freestyle" time at the end of class allows each student to integrate movements that may need a little extra attention while they are still "warm". It is also a time for individuals to ask further questions or film their progress.

Our killer warm ups are designed to energize and prime you for the class content to come. Starting with small movements, increasing to larger more demanding movements we aim to elevate our heart rate and warm our entire body from head to toe or more accurately, toe to head.

Warm up 

Here we will perform specific conditioning movements that will prepare us by engaging the specific muscle groups to enhance our mobility and prepare for the strength needed for our main content. This is a crucial part of class that is proven to enhance overall success.


This is where we teach the "skills" of the day (tricks, transitions etc.) When learning a new skill you will be eased into the full trick by performing a series of preparation movements. Our Skills and preparations movements are taught using verbal cues and visual demonstrations


Free time is whatever you want it to be. You can use movements from previous classes, the current class, or just play with your bodies natural movements and the apparatus. We call this our Social media minute, and encourage people to take video's of the days content.

Free time

We offer a guided cool down to stretch the area's most affected during class while simultaneously work on gaining mobility in beneficial area's. This cool down is guided, but you are free to move in whatever way your body is craving during this time.

Cool down 

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