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Frequently Asked Questions...

Q What do I wear to a pole fitness class?
A: Wear whatever you feel most comfortable in. You can wear yoga clothes, gym clothes or shorts and a crop top. Introduction classes can even wear track pants that can be rolled up, as most of your grip will be with your hands. As you progress through the levels, you will start to need more skin to grip the pole so advanced level students usually wear short, shorts and singlet tops. 

Q What do I wear to a Hammocks class?
A: Preferably you will wear long sleeve top, leggings, and socks. The fabric can feel uncomfortable when it is directly on your skin. Some people even layer shorts on top of their pants to help protect from the hammock. As long as your clothing doesn't have any metal bits; zippers, buttons, appliqués you will be fine. 

Q How do I grip on the pole if my hands are slippery?
A We have grip aids in the studio that you can try if you are having problems gripping, we offer some grip aids in class, and grip strengthening "homework" Grip aids are a great addition to class, but should not be relied on.

Q What should I know?
A Make sure that your hands are free of oil or lotion. Avoid wearing moisturizer on your legs if you’re wearing shorts, as you will not be able to stick to the pole during some of the moves, do not wear any jewelry as it may be scratched by the poles. 
Expect there to be some bruising when you start with your pole and aerial journey. 

Q Are men allowed to attend classes?
We don't discriminate based on gender, we do discriminate on behaviour though. Anyone who is adding positivity and maintaining the sanctuary status of W.O.W is welcome to attend class. If at any point you are making someone feel unsafe, unwelcome, or uncelebrated, you will be given verbal notice, if it continues there will be written notice, and a third strike would mean you are no longer welcome to attend classes. 

Q Do I need to be fit, strong or flexible before I can enroll?
A No, you will increase your strength and flexibility during your classes. W.O.W's classes include cardio, strength and flexibility training.

Q Do I need to be able to dance?
A No, you can pole dance even if you have no dance or fitness background at all.

Q What do I bring to class?
A Bring a bottle of water and a yoga mat if you have one, if you don't we have some at the studio that you can rent.

Q What if I missed a class? 
A Rescheduling is easy! you can reschedule appointment using the link sent to your inbox. 
If you have more than 24 hours notice you can cancel or reschedule your appointment no problem. 
If you cancel between 24 and 2 hours before class you will be charged half your class. 
If you cancel within 2 hours before your class you will be considered a "no show" and will be charged the full amount. 

Q What if I am late to a class?
A For security reasons we lock our doors once class has started. Often if you send us a message letting us know you are running behind by a minute or two we will wait for you to arrive, but if you miss more than 5 minutes of the warm up you will not be able to safely participate in class. The warm up is an integral part of our program. 

Q What type of equipment do you have?
A We have 5 stainless steel X-Pole, X-pert Pro Poles, 45mm diameter. Our Poles can be set to spin, or on static. 
We have 9 100% polyester hammocks with daisy chains and caribeaners supplied by "Aerial yoga with Christina" 

Q What weight can your hammocks hold?
A We have had our Rigging calculated to hold over 750 lbs. 

Q Is it alright if I have an alcoholic drink before class?
A Absolutely not. The activities we teach have risks and we cannot afford for our students to be impaired while trying to execute movements taught in our lessons. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who may be a danger to themselves or others.

Q What is your Refunds & Transfers Policy?
A We do our best to find ways for you to make up missed classes. If at anytime you request a refund it will be a termination of our relationship and your patronage. We have flexibility for medical reasons and can extend credits expiration dates upon request, but it is at the discretion of the management team to authorize. 

W.O.W reserves the right to change the class timetable up to and including the date of the course if sufficient bookings have not been received. In the event of the timetable being altered, every effort will be made to avoid inconvenience by offering alternative dates or times. If we are unable to offer a suitable alternative course a refund will only be granted at the discretion of W.O.Wmanagement. ​

For any further questions you can email us at

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