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Liability waiver

In signing this liability waiver I recognise that my legal right will be affected.

Risks associated with this apparatus are :

  1. Dizziness

  2. Bruising

  3. Nausea 

I agree to:

  1. Disclose any health issues, or injury

  2. Grant permission for instructor to touch me if needed

  3. Not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol

  4. I am 18+ or have adult permission and supervision

  5. Listen clearly to instruction before trying a movement

  6. I may be denied further use of the apparatus at anytime the instructor so choose

  7. Provide a contact person in case an unfortunate event happens requiring medical attention

  8. Waive responsibility of any injury incurred by WOW representatives, or other partners of this event

-Team WOW 

Thanks for submitting!

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